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Know Somebody Interested in Setting Up Their Own
Bookkeeping Business?

The Professional Bookkeepers Academy was created by a team of professionals who came together from bookkeeping, IT, banking, accounting and marketing backgrounds to create a programme to provide bookkeepers with solid training and qualifications that will ensure they stand out from the crowd.

This initiative has been a considerable amount of time in the planning and has finally resulted in the launch of the Professional Bookkeepers Academy Start Your Own Bookkeeping Business Training Programme in May 2014.

Additionally, the close relationship with SortMyBooks Online Accounting Software best positions the Academy to create matches made in heaven between highly qualified bookkeepers and the ambitious business owners who are actively seeking out help with their business books and records.

What makes the Professional Bookkeepers Academy  programme stand out from other bookkeeping training courses is our 100%  commitment to helping our delegates build their own business not just during, but also AFTER, successful graduation from the Academy.

Team Members

Anne Hannan


Anne Hannan is CEO and co founder of Aisling Software Ltd, producers of SortMyBooks Online Accounitng Software. Anne has over 20 years experience with small businesses accounting bookkeeping and computerisation.

Sandra Hunter-Ferris

Co-founder and Marketing Director

Sandra Hunter-Ferris moved to Ireland and started up her own successful bookkeeping practice with few existiing contacts. Sandra shares her expertise generously. 

Dan O'Donoghue


Dan O’Donoghue is sucessfully training businesses all over the country how to recognise and harness business by systematically maximising the contacts they already have. 


Eugene Ferris


Eugene Ferris has spent more than twenty five years in Banking, Real Estate and International Transactional Escrows. For the last few years, he has been working with Sandra in her bookkeeping practice.