“I can work from where I chose to live.”

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Working from home …


Sandra Hunter Ferris of Balanced Bookkeeping, working from her beautiful home outside Tralee, Co Kerry

Sandra Hunter Ferris and Eugene Ferris chose to live in the beautiful Kerry coastal town of Fenit where they lovingly renovated a old schoolhouse into a dream home for themselves and their dogs. An oasis of peace, looking out their kitchen window over the estuary makes me realise what a gift it is to have a career or business that allows you to freely chose where you want to live.

Coming from the small business banking industry, Sandra already had many of the skills required to set up her own bookkeeping business.  She added to her skills by investing in training in cloud technology to better exchange information with her clients, and in SortMyBooks, robust cloud accounting software to manage her clients accounting information from anywhere. Sandra quick built her business from zero to fifty clients over a two year period. Sandra says, “I can work from where I chose to live. Yes I call out to clients from time to time, but mostly I work from home and with cloud technology they can instantly log in and experience the value of my work. “

This could be you:fenit

If you would like to spend more time in your dream home and less time commuting, the Professional Bookkeepers Academy offers a Start your Own Bookkeeping Business course to equip you with the skills and supports to get your new business off the ground.

The course features:

  • Intensive training from a range of skilled professionals
    • Training covers sound bookkeeping basics through to using cloud technology to work with your clients
  • 6 month marketing training and support to help you build your client base strategically
  • Support on using the cloud accounting software with your clients
  • Possibility of referrals from SortMyBooks
  • Your business featured on the PBA website

What Next?

Try this short fun test to see if starting your own bookkeeping business is the right choice for you.


Next Course:

Location:            Limerick
tart date:          1st June 2015

For more information contact Anne Hannan Course Co-ordinator at
the Professional Bookkeepers Academy for more information.



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