Potential Bookkeeper Earnings

According to www.payscale.com, qualified bookkeepers can earn between €20 - €30 per hour depending on the location. You can earn €50k annually in hours that suit you and your family. Say goodbye to strangling childcare costs and the stress of the daily commute.

Where You Can Get Clients

Due to the cloud-based nature of the PBA programme, a PBA graduate can attract clients from anywhere in Ireland and the UK. There are approximately 20 SMEs to every 1,000 inhabitants in Ireland. (Source: www.een-ireland.ie) According to www.parliament.uk, there were 5.2 million SMEs in the UK in 2014.

Start Up & Mentoring Programme

When you complete your training, PBA recognises that ‘the work only starts now’. Therefore as part of the programme, each graduate is given a team of professional mentors for 6 months who will coach you and assist you on all aspects of your new business - with a heavy emphasis on marketing and client acquisition.

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